The Congregation of the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception – is a Congregation of Pontifical Right, and was founded in Lisbon, Portugal, on 03 May, 1871, by Fr. Raimundo dos Anjos Beirão and Sr. Maria Clara do Menino Jesus: two great charismatic and holy souls, aflame with the charity of God and the ardent desire to relieve, comfort, uplift and assist everyone in need of any kind. It was approved by the Holy See on 27 March, 1876.

The Congregation spread rapidly in many parts of Portugal. In 1883 it began to spread overseas. The call to serve the old and the sick and to educate the little ones continued as years went by, and the Congregation expanded it branches to the four continents.

Patroness: Mary – Immaculate Conception
The Congregation is under the Patronessof the Immaculate Conception. “Like the Immaculate Virgin the Sisters offer themselves to God with an undivided and generous heart”.

Patron: St. Francis of Assisi
Saint Francis was born in Assisi. With his incredible charisma, he drew thousands of followers who joined in his way of life. Francis imitated the life of Christ in its fullness, he is sometimes even remembered as alter Christus, “another Christ.”