Charism And Sprituality

The goal of the Congregation is the Glory of God, through the sanctification of its members, exercise of charity towards the neighbour, through hospitality, giving preference to the more needy.

As for its charism, it consists in the following of Jesus Christ, in Fraternity and in service to the brethren, especially the most needy, according to the spirit of the Beatitudes, committing themselves to witness to hospitality in joy, in minority and in simplicity, in communion with the Church, in a prophetic-missionary dimension inserted in the world and situated in time.

As a specific mission, the Sisters are called to make God’s mercy visible in the world, rendering services of charity to all, practicing the works of mercy, under the motto: “Do good where there is good to be done”: by caring for the sick, assistance to the elderly and children, education, social promotion, missions and evangelization, through diverse pastoral actions.

The emblem of the Congregation which is used as the arm of faith or the seal of the congregation, expresses the motto – “Lucere e Fovere”, “to enlighten and to warm”. Lucere means, to be luminous, to light, to become a reflection of the light of God; and fovere means, to warm, to protect, to care, to promote life, and be His healing presence among the brethren today.