Raju’s Story

“I would have slipped into substance abuse as many of my peers used to encourage me to try the substances stating that it would make me forget all the troubles I had in life. But I always remember what I was being taught at this NGO so it kept me away from abusing any form of substances.”

I now have a dream to become a teacher and help the children who are in vulnerable condition, just as I was.”

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Little girl’s story

“I always saw children going to school but never dreamed that I would be among them one day”

I was 13 years old when I first heard of this NGO. My father sadly had an accident which stopped him from being able to work, leaving my mother to try to care for the 8 of us. She started selling cow dung cakes to support the family. The scared girl with no name is now an educated leader in her community.

“I am lucky. Thanks for approaching and enrolling me here”

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